Religion explained with Sudoku

Religion Explained With Sudoku

Religion Explained With Sudoku (1)

Saw this cross-referenced at Friendly Atheist (2) and just had to post it. It so perfectly describes the way that the religious approach questions about life, the universe, and everything. They proudly proclaim that “God did it” and ignore any sort of framework for arriving at a conclusion and validating the authenticity of said conclusion. Given this, of course they can “explain” more than science, since there is always just one answer to give. Science, however, has a very rigorous model in place for answering these types of questions, and so we can have confidence in the answers given by science. As a result, it’s not surprising that science cannot answer everything, but we can trust what answers it does give, and it seems likely that it can eventually provide an answer to the questions that it currently cannot (disclaimer: I said “seems likely”, but of course I cannot prove this, and so I view it as a probability thing…it may or may not be true).

(1) jnethery. “Religion Explained with Sudoku.” Reddit. 28th June, 2011. Available:
(2) Mehta, Hemant. “Religion: Sudoku Edition.” Friendly Atheist. 28th June, 2011. Available:


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