Oregon churches vandalized with FSM taggings

Two churches in Oregon have been vandalized. They were tagged (spray painted) with various FSM messages, which implies that the vandals were atheists. (1) Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist has set up a donation fund to help clean it up here. Many people have expressed doubt about donating to a church. It’s a valid question, with some good points brought up against helping, but ultimately I think we should help out. It’s really all about image. Like it or not, this event will further ingrain the idea that atheists are immoral and hate-filled. If we do nothing, that view goes unchallenged. However, if we do step in and help out, it does challenge the view that most people have of us. It could be a huge PR win on our part. Not to mention, helping out someone who has been vandalized is, ya know, kinda the right thing to do. We don’t have to agree with their message (obviously we don’t), but we can still recognize that they are fellow community members.

(1) Mehta, Hemant. “Let’s Help Those Vandalized Churches.” Friendly Atheist. 14th June, 2011. Available: http://friendlyatheist.com/2011/06/14/lets-help-these-vandalized-churches/


5 thoughts on “Oregon churches vandalized with FSM taggings

  1. Tagging churches go’s against the Atheist code of ethics. This act of vandalism was more than likely the act of kids in that church trying to pull a fast one on other people in that church. And if an Atheist did this criminal act then he /she is not a true Atheist ! That was sarcasm on the” well he was not a true christian.”

  2. Yeah definitely, I would be quite surprised if this wasn’t kids. I could see some other similar scenario’s: the kids are from a rival church/dislike some kids that do go to that church/etc, although I do admit the possibility that it could be atheist kids as well.

  3. It’s certainly a possibility. I knew a few preacher’s kids growing up, and they were some of the wildest kids I knew. I think it’s the whole pendulum swing away from the extreme of their parents to the other extreme.

  4. First girl I ever shagged a preacher daughter . I was 14 she was 16 an interesting summer. Then school started back ,and she broke my heart. But everything worked out for the best she turned out to be a Big Woman !

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