The obsession with Weiner’s wiener

Off topic, but I want to talk briefly about the whole controversy surrounding Anthony Weiner. Mainly, why is there a controversy? Seriously, why the hell do people care about this? Our government is facing some major challenges right now, from high unemployment, to spiraling debt, etc, and yet we’re focusing on this? These are the qualities that we judge a politician on, not how well they do their job? I seriously don’t care that Weiner was unfaithful, and thus like the majority of men in the US. That people tend to decide to support/reject a politician (or more importantly, a candidate) based on their personal lives is just ludicrous. When electing people, we are really serving the role of hiring manager. We are reviewing the candidates and selecting the best person for the job. If a hiring manager at a private company made a hiring decision based on a candidate’s personal life, all hell would break loose. So why is it not only not a big deal, but expected in politics? The best answer I have to give is that people are idiots.


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